International Security Systems Uganda Limited

we understand that the security landscape is multifaceted and dynamic. To address the diverse needs of our clients, we offer an extensive array of security solutions:



International Security Systems Uganda Limited (ISSUS) embarked on its extraordinary journey in September 2008 with a clear and audacious vision – to rise as the unrivaled leader in the realm of security systems across Uganda. From day one, we have held steadfast to our unwavering commitment to technical excellence and the highest standards of business ethics. This commitment has been the cornerstone of our remarkable and consistent growth in the ever-evolving security solutions market.

Our humble beginnings, marked by just two dedicated individuals, have transformed into a resounding success story. Today, ISSUS stands tall as one of Uganda’s most distinguished security systems integration companies. This journey of evolution and expansion has been made possible through the invaluable support and trust of our esteemed national and international partners. Their unwavering belief in our capabilities has enabled us to extend our services to over 400 clients across the globe.


Our vision is the North Star that guides us: To be the preeminent provider of International Security Systems.


Our mission is the compass that directs us: To continuously provide unwavering support and reliable security systems, empowering our clients to maintain a competitive edge in their respective businesses.

“In our unwavering pursuit of our Mission and Vision, we are resolutely committed to collaborating exclusively with partners who share our profound dedication to client services and ethics.”


Importing and Supplying of Military Equipment

We are entrusted with the critical task of providing essential military equipment to national security bodies, ensuring their readiness and effectiveness in safeguarding our nation.

Operation of an Indoor Shooting Range

Our state-of-the-art indoor shooting range serves as a haven for enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering cutting-edge facilities for pigeon shooting and archery.

Supply of Handguns, Short Guns, and Ammunition

ISSUS offers a meticulously
curated selection of handguns, short guns, and various types of ammunition, tailored to meet the diverse and evolving security requirements of our clients.

Biometric and Fingerprinting Services

At ISSUS, we empower private security officers with advanced biometric and fingerprinting solutions, enhancing their capabilities in identification and access control.

Armored Vehicles

We specialize in the supply of armored vehicles engineered to protect personnel and assets in high-risk environments, providing an essential layer of security and peace of mind.

Security Training Academy

ISSUS operates a world-class training academy that
delivers top-notch security training programs, equipping professionals with the skills,
knowledge, and expertise they need to excel in their roles.

Guard Escorts

Our commitment to reliability and professionalism shines through in our specialized guard escort services, dedicated to safeguarding individuals and valuable assets.


Our dedicated investigative team conducts thorough and meticulous investigations to support security and law enforcement agencies in their missions, ensuring justice is served.

Supply of Security and Military Equipment

Our extensive product range
encompasses a wide array of essential items, including pistol belts, baggage scanners,
diesel burners, helmets, scimitar swords, and more.

ICT Solutions

ISSUS offers comprehensive Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to enhance your organization’s operational efficiency and data management.

CCTV and Networking Services

Our networking experts provide reliable and secure network solutions tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer.


Protect your digital assets with ISSUS’ cutting-edge cybersecurity
services, safeguarding your organization from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

BioDefense Prevention Solutions

ISSUS is at the forefront of BioDefense, offering innovative solutions to mitigate biological threats and enhance public health preparedness.

“International Security Systems (U) Limited is an esteemed classified provider to the Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs.”


Our sterling track record attests to our capabilities. ISSUS has consistently delivered successful projects for esteemed organizations, including:

Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs

Uganda Police Force

State House – Special Forces Command

With an unwavering regional presence and an impressive portfolio of proven case studies, International Security Systems (U) Limited is indisputably positioned as a preeminent player in the security industry. Our commitment to delivering nothing less than the very best services in the region remains unwavering. The expertise and ability to deliver on our promises are not mere claims but proven concepts, a fact you can readily verify from the glowing references of our satisfied clients.